Green Building Certification


General information and consulting on sustainable buildings

We give you a clear and focused overview of the numerous and complex issues of sustainability. Why is a sustainable building far more than a green or an energy efficient building? What potential does sustainability offer for your projects or your business?


Project analysis (quick-check)

The sustainbility potential of your project will be estimated. The aim of the project analysis is to assess the economically optimal approach, to determine the priorities and objectives at an early stage. The effort required for the analysis depends on the complexity of the project and may differ from 3 to 10 consulting days.


Steps of the project analysis (quick-check)

  1. Review of existing information
  2. Questions about the project to the client
  3. Research to defined issues
  4. Assessment of opportunities and resulting efforts on all issues (checklist)
  5. Presentation of results
  6. Definition of priorities and objectives
  7. Preparation of a final report with recommendations on how to proceed
  8. Masterplan (activities, priorities, time-schedule, (inter)dependencies, resources)
  9. Recommendations of experts for special subjects


Additional services
The analysis can lead to individual recommendations for the specific object. Possible measures could be for example:

  • Further analysis of the project (detailed analysis) for a detailed assessment of opportunities and related efforts of the identified measures
  • Decision for a green building certificate (DNGB, LEED or BREEAM)
  • Special investigations, design or consultancy services (e.g. building simulation, energy concepts, life cycle analysis, life cycle cost analysis, etc.)
  • Supporting services during the design and construction phase (eg, tendering and procurement, project management, process management, quality assurance, marketing activities, events, publications, etc.)


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