Green Products


our sercices:

  • quick and substantiated assessment of your products with regards to their performance in the context of green building certification (DGNB, LEED, BREEAM)
  • optimization of your green marketing
  • effective sustainability coaching of your staff
  • product improvements
  • benefit from our excellent international network in the fields of green building


Product assessment – How sustainable are your products? How do your products perform in the context of Green Building Certificates?

We analyze your products systematically under economical aspects with regards to their sustainable potential. What is their impact in the different certification schemes? What are the advantages of your products? How are your products used best?

What upcoming political, normative or economical developments should be considered (e.g. the new Construction Product Regulation - CPR or the Environmental Product Declarations - EPDs)?


Product improvements – How can your products be more sustainable?

Use the potential of your staff. On the basis of our product analysis we can perform interactive processes to further improve your products.


Anwendung – Wie lassen sich Ihre Produkte optimal im Sinne der Nachhaltigkeit einsetzen?

Auf Basis der Produktanalyse und gemeinsam mit Ihren Mitarbeitern und ausgewählten Spezialisten (Architekten, Fachplaner) erarbeiten wir Leitlinien für die optimale nachhaltige Nutzung Ihrer Produkte.


Marketing – How can the advantages of your products be marketed best?

Green products bring advantages in marketing. Advertise with the ecological, economical social, technical and functional advantages of your products. We support you with contacts, information, presentations, publications and events.


Brochures and flyers

Based on our product analysis we prepare marketing information for your clients and architects. Comprehensive and informative brochures and flyers will make it easier for architects to recognize the advantages of your products.


Coaching – On the basis of the results of the product analysis we train your staff

Improve the know-how of your staff. Your sales-team should be firm with the issues of sustainability. Your staff should have a basic common understanding of your sustainability approach. They should know about the advantages of your green products and should be able to convince users with clear and strong arguments.


Events – Together with partners and / or clients we help to make your events successful

Benefit from our excellent knowledge of the new and dynamic green building market and from our valuable network.


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